About us

Many people these days spend lots of time taking selfies on SnapChat. Those filters create flawless pictures with fun backgrounds. Now at Pic-OlOgy you can do the same, while immersing yourself in the interactive art that makes those pictures come to life.

Creativity is what we do!


Here at Pic-OlOgy it’s all about changing imagination. We aim to challenging visitors’ idea of art and ask them to explore this exhibit in ways they have never done before. We invite you all to come engage all of your senses to have the ultimate Pic-OlOgy experience.

Company Overview

The mission of Pic-Ology is to encourage appreciation and understanding of art and its role in our society through direct engagement of unique creative artwork. Pic-Ology not only stimulates active learning through our art and creative process, but teaching and dialogue amongst our communities, students and our public. Our focus is to organize and educate, all while encouraging and bringing enjoyment to this generation and for future generations to come.

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